Tuesday, March 5, 2013

So Hipster It Hurts

I went to a friend of mines photography show. They displayed a bundle of different kinds of photography, one of my favorites being a man with a floral beard. I loved it. Unfortunately none of them had names on them, so I wasnt able to find out who had taken it. It inspired me to draw this little dirty hippy man and his best bud.
I want the dogs name to be Bees

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  1. I'm sometimes in the 4th Year Studio helping Amy out on her film -so maybe you might know me BUT HOLY CRAP, your work. I melt before it.

    but the original basis for this comment was to tell you it was Toni Acuna (Akuna? I've known her for a year but don't actually know how to tell her last name, lol) who took that photo of which you speak of in this post. She's a bridge student of the Bachelors program.

    Anyways, just thought you would want to know her name + a new fan. YAY Sunday Morningz.